He ends up temporarily blind after using false eyelashes bought online: ‘Something is different…’

he Skin and Eye Care This is very important: good sleep habits can help you survive the years better and prevent unexpected diseases. Therefore, health professionals generally remember the importance of having trusted products that have been dermatologically tested.

In this sense, cosmetics and make-up products are usually regularly controlled and must be of quality because of their perfect state This may depend on the occurrence of adverse reactions.

Now, Mika is a young fan of quirky makeup who likes to accentuate her blue eyes, which she shows off on her Twitter account Tik Tok This is exactly what the products purchased on the Internet have done to him.Strange reaction to false eyelashes forced him to spend around 13 hours in hospital


False eyelashes bought with so-called cat effect Shane According to her, they left her eyes red and swollen. They hurt so badly that he went blind for a while because of it, as he recounts on his TikTok under the name @mikaneila. Videos of him showing his shopping experience went viral.

“I don’t know, but since I use Shein lashes Something is different…”’, she commented next to a video in which she can be seen with a worrisome look in her eyes. Later, because of the attention, he made more publications telling the whole story: He bought them on other occasions, They never caused him problems, and neither did the glue he used to stick them in. She wore them that day without any problems, and six or eight hours later Mika started noticing something wrong with her left eye: She started to attribute it to muscle pressure, but she didn’t care: She thought there was something wrong with her left eye. Just tired.

His eyes were already very red, and he took it for granted that ConjunctivitisSo, he went to the pharmacy to find some antibacterial drops. But her discomfort was worse, the pain was “unimaginable,” and she was disabled because she was blind and couldn’t drive, work or watch TV, which is why she decided to go to the emergency room, as the Distractify portal explains like that.

He ended up spending thirteen hours there, between checkups, until he was diagnosed. This is not an allergic reaction. it’s an infection Doctors attribute this to eyelashes. They referred her to an eye specialist who prescribed the necessary treatment and assured her that her blindness would soon be fully recovered.

Nor did she want to go into details or castigate Shein, she simply advised those using the brand’s labels to clean them beforehand to avoid risk.

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