he extended the summer in a bikini at the pool ! (PHOTOS)


On his account Instagram, Shy ‘ m a shared photos, where they decided to take the summer by with bikini in the pool !

Very often, the fans of Shy ‘ m, the consequences are, such as photos on Instagram. And this Saturday, October 12, at the meeting of the 4. in a dancing with the stars. In fact, as always, will you do it part of the jury. And this place offers uniquely his fans. In the past you miss to never hear a single opportunity, the any suggestions or tips she gives the other candidate.

It is up to the help to improve in the intention to outdo themselves to the suite. His motivation, his charisma, but also his experience, allow the Shy ‘ to make m, of the notes on points precise. And in the meantime, you can find on TF1, the users on the social networks. Very active on this post very often, photos. And this Thursday, the 10. in October, the singer surprised the canvas.

Shy ‘ m fighting the winter in a bikini by the pool

In fact, while temperatures have been falling for several days, Shy ‘ m the pose in the bikini. But not only that. It is displayed in a swimming pool. With your most beautiful smile, and a red-haired lioness, or so it seems more sublime than never. In the legend of photos Instagram, she wrote : “If you and search the down jackets “ Followed by the hashthag #winteri comming (editor’s note : winter is coming). And this set has a good idea, Camille Cerf.

The ex-Miss France wrote under his photo : You have beautiful down jackets. To laugh at a message, which is not to be missed, to his fans. With your photos, Shy ‘ m in fact, it has more than 51 000 “gathered like” in just a few hours. Its subscribers also have rounded. You have written : “Canon. “”Your natural hair. “” You my little heart got me heated. “” Thank you, that we dream of. And take us with you on your travels. “” You have a beautiful body.”, but ” It’s a new post was worth to wait,”.