“He has lost all respect for me”

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Updated at 06:07 on September 23, 2023, 06:20 on September 23, 2023

  • Amid spat, Bayless Sharp says he’s jealous of Brady becoming a better player
  • Sharp has since left Fox and joined ESPN, where he appeared on “First Take”
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Shannon Sharpe is opening up about an on-air feud with Skip Bayless that led to his abrupt departure from FOX Sports and Undisputed.

Sharp and Bayless spent seven years together on “Undisputed,” with Sharp leaving earlier this summer to join rival ESPN show “First Take” with new colleague Stephen A. Smith. Claiming he was “pushed out”.

However, during an appearance on Smith’s podcast, Sharp reflected on the infamous feud with Bayless that damaged their relationship and set the stage for his departure.

In the moment in question, Bayless suggested the former Broncos tight end was jealous of Tom Brady’s success, then rubbed salt in the wound by saying he was simply not as good as the NFL legend.

When asked by Smith about the breakdown in his relationship with Bayless, Sharp said, “It’s largely my fault.”

Shannon Sharpe (right) opens up about on-air feud with Skip Bayless (left) that led to his sudden departure from Fox Sports
Sharp revealed the events that ended his tenure at Undisputed while chatting with new First Take colleague Stephen A. Smith

“Because there were a couple of times that led to that situation where I felt like the shot was done and I just gave up. He felt like he could go too far in that situation.

“No matter what the relationship is, once one party loses respect for the other party, the other party will in turn lose respect for the other party.” Then I think it is only a matter of time.

“Because I felt like at that point he (Skip Bayless) had lost all respect for me and he disrespected me.

“That’s indisputable, Skip and Shannon, it’s not yours. So it really, really hurts me.”

Sharp is one of the most legendary tight ends in NFL history and a Hall of Famer, so it’s easy to see why Bayless’ comments on live television would have led Sharp to the extent he did.

Since his famous departure, Sharp joined ESPN and began appearing regularly on the show “First Take” alongside Smith.

Amid controversy, Bayless said Sharp was jealous of Tom Brady becoming a better player
He and Bayless got into a heated argument during a live broadcast of “Undisputed” in December

Although Sharp seemed to get along much better with Smith as friends than he did with Bayless, Sharp’s transition to First Take wasn’t the smoothest.

Several times viewers have sued him for accidentally calling Smith “Skip” on air, so much so that Smith recently defended his co-host on “The X.”

Bayless and Undisputed, on the other hand, took a break and eventually replaced Sharpe with a rotating group consisting of Lil Wayne, Keyshawn Johnson, and Richard Sherman.

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