He has no white skin, nor blue eyes: Scientists reveal what Otzi the Iceman really looked like

Previous analyzes suggested that Ötzi had fair skin and light-colored eyes; however, a new analysis rejects this version.

Iceman Oatesfound More than 30 years ago in the Otsar Alps, on the border between Austria and Italy. Since then, his mummified remains have revealed his life, injuries to his body, his height, and even what he ate before his death.

small body Preserved for at least 5,200 years In sub-zero temperature, sun and wind conditions. at the moment, it is one of the most studied mummies All the information he could disclose and continues to disclose European prehistory and the evolution of the Old World population.

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Ötzi is the oldest mummy in Europe.Since its discovery, scientists have reconstructed it, showing that it was Male, about 45 years old, height 160 cm, weight 50 kg, fair-haired skin and light-colored eyes. However, the last data has just been discarded.

New analysis of its genome published in the journal Cytogenomics, Iceman reveals his appearance is brown It was also found to have brown irises in later research.New genetic research also points to His hair was thinning, his crown clearly visible, from Anatolia and has Predisposition to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“Genomic analysis revealed phenotypic features such as high skin pigmentation, dark eye color, and patterns of susceptibility to male pattern baldness that contrasted with previous reconstructions showing light skin, Dark-eyed males.” And furry,” explains Johannes Krause of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and co-author of the paper. “Interestingly, How the first reconstruction was influenced by preconceived notions of Stone Age Europeans. “

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Who is Oates the Iceman?

Ten years ago, the first analysis delved into his skin and eye color, finding Mediterranean-European Overview. With new research, Now we know his skin is darker.The author of the article also believes that The person lives in isolation from other Europeans They live in the north and west of the Alps.

“This is the darkest complexion ever recorded for contemporary Europeans,” said study co-author and anthropologist Albert Zink. «It was previously thought that the skin of the mummies turned black During its preservation in ice, but what we see now is actually largely Oates’ original skin color. “

The remains of Ötzi the Iceman are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol, Italy.Thirty years of research have shown On the day he died he wore bearskin and leatherbefore an arrow hit him, being fed Ibex, deer and single grain.

he The man was about 46 years old when he diedHe is left-handed and has a slim build.his mother revealed I am lactose intolerantHe had genetic abnormalities in rib formation, heart disease and dental problems.Also found in his stomach Helicobacter pyloriis the bacterium that causes peptic ulcers, which currently affect two-thirds of the world’s population.

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