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Ratatouille is one of the most acclaimed Disney Pixar films by the public. Remy, the main character, is a rat who wants to become a chef and who fulfills his dream after venturing into one of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris. The story is moving and whoever watches the film cannot help but love the little animal. But when the image of a sea of ​​rodents walking through a kitchen is translated into real life, the magic disappears.

The TikTok user blaqazzrick01 proved it when, one morning, he decided to share the horrors that were lived inside the kitchen of a Popeyes restaurant in Washington, United States. The employee began the video by commenting that he distributes the raw material to the branches of the chain that promises to offer the best Louisiana-style fried chicken. With an ironic smile on his face and as he went to open the door, he said: “It’s a crazy shit.”

“We’re going in, are you ready?” He said as he entered the establishment and walked slowly to the area where all the orders are prepared. “This is Popeyes,” he said mockingly, following his presentation with the brand’s slogan and turning on the kitchen light.

As soon as the space was lit, a herd of fat, dark rats began to flee in terror. Approximately fifteen of them were resting among the cardboard boxes stacked on the ground and when they felt threatened, they ran off seeking shelter. They quickly climbed the walls using the pipes as support until they reached the ventilation ducts that would lead them to their nest.

“Look at these bastards ** Look at them!” Exclaimed the tiktoker as the animals continued to emerge from their hiding places. Likewise, he began to hit the aluminum countertop generating a loud noise trying to get everyone to leave. Already certain that there was not another rodent, he asked defiantly looking at the camera: “Do you still love Popeyes chicken?”

As often happens on social networks, the publication went viral and reached gigantic numbers of reproductions. The video was viewed more than 411,000 times, received over 20,000 comments and exceeded 142,000 shares.

What at first began as an innocent video for social networks ended up leading to the closure of the premises. As reported by the Fox News network, a couple of weeks after the post became famous, the restaurant located around the eastern market of Washington DC was closed for “violating the sanitary code.”

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