“He inspires me”: Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant slams the John Wick star after keeping their relationship a secret for 10 years

Keanu Reeves is perhaps widely known for his roles in franchises such as Matrix And John Wick — but before that, he was known for his genuine generosity and kind heart.

The actor is loved and respected in the industry because he is Hollywood’s greatest introvert and has a career spanning over four decades, starring in some of the best films ever.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

Reeves is also known for his handsome face and cool humor, which is why beautiful actresses like Winona Ryder and Sandra Bullock have admitted to having crushes on him. Answers star.

Although Reeves has always kept his personal life private, it is confirmed that he is currently dating artist Alexandra Grant. And it looks like Reeves’ girlfriend Grant is glad she met him when her career was already established.

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Meeting Keanu Reeves changed Alexandra Grant’s creative approach

Love story of Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant
Love story of Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant

In an interview with People on September 23, Grant opened up about her relationship with Reeves. She said the good news about falling in love as an adult (including with Keanu Reeves) was that by the time she was in a relationship, she had built her own career. Grant said:

“I feel very confident in relationships on the red carpet. This is the only thing I feel confident about.”

Grant noted that sometimes she experiences creative frustration and feels like “a Maserati stuck in traffic.” However, she credits Reeves for helping her get through those moments. The artist continued:

“What I love about Keanu and our exchange is that we push each other to build new roads. Seeing another person solve problems inspires: “Oh, okay, this one, this is a dead end.” How can I try something else?”

She added that her work as an artist has “absolutely” changed since she started dating Reeves, and that she is immensely grateful to have Reeves in her life:

“He’s a huge inspiration to me,” she continued. “He’s so creative, he’s so kind. He works so hard.”

Keanu Reeves’ friend Alexandra Grant is an artist who explores language and written texts through a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, video and more.

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How did Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant meet?

Presentation of the book “Shadows” by Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves
Presentation of the book “Shadows” by Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves

Both Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant were friends before their feelings turned romantic. Grant helped the star write a picture book. Ode to happiness (written by Reeves and illustrated by Grant).

According to The New York Times Style Magazine, Reeves and Grant met in 2009 at a dinner party, and just two years later they published Ode to happiness together.

In an interview with British Vogue in 2020, Grant recalled that the book came as a surprise to Reeves. Who knew that a book would be the reason they fell in love? The artist said:

“The book was made by me as a surprise for Keanu as a private gift,” Grant said. “All our friends in the room giggled when I gave it to him – they said, ‘Please publish it!’ That’s how we came to publishing.”

After nearly eight years of dating, the couple were photographed together on several red carpets and holding hands.

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Source: People, The New York Times Style magazine, British Vogue.

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