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In the social networks, you can find different experiences that users have to go through. This is usually due to the fact that they choose to use these means to do catharsis. This time, A woman from the UK took all her anger out on TikTok and revealed that she spent a “fortune” to remodel the house she is renting and now the owner informed her that she will no longer be able to live there because she is going to sell it.

The protagonist of the event is Channay, who in his account @cleaningmum in TikTok, periodically publishes various house cleaning tips, tricks and other tips to get the most out of different products of this type.

However, the latest clip surprised his more than 25 thousand followers. The influencer said that she was carrying out renovations in the place she is renting. But as soon as the remodeling was finished, the owner of the property contacted her and gave her a piece of news that devastated her.

Chen you’ve just spent ££££ (a fortune) on the house you live in and the owner gives you a notice to leave in January. How ridiculous”The young woman commented in the video where she also decided to show some of the changes she had made in the home.

According to the Daily Mirror, the tiktoker decided to invest her money in the house after the owner left the property to maintain and, in addition, she did not accept having to wait for him to decide to carry out a remodeling. “When the owner is not up to date with the maintenance of the house, you take care of it and then he puts it up for sale. It’s great.”, said the woman, according to the British media.

Likewise, Channay acknowledged that she is totally “furious” with this situation because after the owner’s decision, as of January, she would be staying on the street. This is because, in principle, he was looking for different places to rent, but could not find a suitable place.

After the viralization of his publication, he received many comments from users, who pointed out that review the rental agreement to find a momentary solution. However, the vast majority explained to him that the mistake was his and that he should have consulted before spending so much money on the remodeling.

“Everyone says they shouldn’t have made any arrangements; however, some people like to live comfortably.” It is not yours “,” The owner has every right to sell his property, because it is his home. Why would a tenant spend more than necessary on a property that he is only renting? “, were some of the comments he received on the social network.

Lastly, the influencer’s clip has almost 600 thousand views and got more than 65 thousand likes. In addition, it generated a debate on TikTok about whether it is correct to invest a lot of money to be able to live comfortably in a house even if it is not yours.

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