He invites relatives to his home, three drunk to death

A tragedy caused a huge uproar in the small town of Leongatha in southern Victoria, Australia, where a 48-year-old woman named Erin Patterson invited her ex-husband’s family to her home. Because they have a good relationship so they can have a family reunion.
However, three of them, her ex-husband’s parents, Gail and Don Patterson, and her ex-husband’s sister, Heather Wilkinson, died a few days later, according to Crónica. He was hospitalized with serious injuries.

According to professionals who treated the victims, four people who received medical attention developed gastroenteritis-like symptoms, while Wilkinson’s husband was in critical condition and awaiting a liver transplant.
After the incident, police opened an investigation to determine what happened at the house party and revealed they identified Patterson as the prime suspect at the event, who was responsible for preparing the food and sending out the invitations.
Also, it was brought to their attention that she was the only one who showed no signs of being intoxicated.
“I didn’t do anything. I love them. I just can’t understand what happened,” the woman explained to local media.

did not eat
Investigators pointed out that there were not only the ex-husband and mother-in-law’s sister and husband, but also the ex-husband’s children for family dinners, but what they ate was surprising. different dishes, therefore, they showed no signs of disease.
Detective Dean Thomas, who was in charge of the case, commented: “We have to keep an open mind about this. It could be very innocent. But again, we don’t know at this point… four people showed up, three of them died, and there are still 4 people who have been killed. One person is in critical condition, so we have to address that.”
In addition, Thomas stressed that the victims were showing symptoms consistent with so-called “mushrooms of death”.
While toxicology reports have yet to establish exact consumption levels, they are warned that they are “highly toxic,” primarily affecting the kidneys and liver.

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