He is the Best work of the GSX series of Digital Change in the period 2,


GARDUOTO – PT. Suzuki Indomobil sales (SIS), open competition of the GSX series of Digital-Changes in the period 2 since the beginning of February, and officially closed the end of February 2020.

With the opening of the competition then a lot of the creativity that emerges. Many of the participants have tried to build up the finish of the Suzuki GSX-S150 compete to be champion.

Participants are the same as in the previous period, has sent in his work to https:/suzukigsxseries.com/register and get a valuation by the jury.

Create the design of the livery for Suzuki GSX-S150 is a challenge as well as a proof of its own kind for the participants, but with the talent possessed by the participants in the situation, its own charm, and underline the aura of sportiness Suzuki GSX-S150.

Here is the winner of the Suzuki GSX series of Digital change, from period 2 is :

1. Place – Joni Agung Prasetyo
Champion 2 – Tommy Lee Kurniawan
Champion 3 – Risky Fauzi Satria Purnama

To get the work of Joni Agung Prasetyo deserves, 1. Space, as, in the opinion of the jury composition and the combination of notes that, in accordance with the spirit and the look of the Suzuki GSX-S150, while expression of the freedom of driving a car.

Then, the work of Tommy Lee, the winner of the 2 grabbed the courage, in a study of the layers of color candy blue, and chrome blue that gives a new breath in the curve of the GSX-S150.

Works best in the front Risky Fauzi Satria Purnama as the champion of the 3 assess, wrap the whole body part with the representation of the design energetic.

“The period of the competition, Suzuki GSX series of Digital Changes made to this so far very successful, so it is with the 2. Period, where participants were encouraged to create a design-paint version of your own to the object of the Suzuki GSX-S150,” Said Yohan Yahya, Saels & Marketing 2W head of Department SIS.

He continued, modern design, the already implemented GSX-S150 recognized the challenge of the creativity of the new in a Design that is appropriate and fits in with the contours of the dynamic GSX-S150.

With the results of the assessment has been done in the period 2, the proof that the creative hands of the public, very interesting and taken into account.

Two of the three periods of the Suzuki GSX series of Digital change, well done. Therefore, the competition in the period of 3 (final), since the 1 has. March 2020 and ending on December 31. March 2020.

The challenge for the participants in the period 3, the design of the appearance of the paint for Suzuki GSX150 bandits.[Go/Res]