He left the clothing store, the alarm sounded, they checked it and had nothing, but they still wrote an outrageous message on the ticket | Chronicle

A woman experienced an unpleasant situation in the premises of a well-known clothing brand and her experience was shared on Facebook and caused outrage: the post that went viral shows the outrageous message they wrote on the ticket.

The episode occurred in a shopping center located in the center of Mexico City and also It happened amid growing consumer anger over poor shopping experiences that were experienced during the last days of promotions in that country, known as El Buen Fin.

The fact was exhibited on the networks by a Facebook user, whose profile name is Toshio, who reported that on November 15, her friend, identified as Lorraine M., He visited the place to buy clothes for his daughters, taking advantage of the sales that the chain had in those days.

After shopping, the woman went out with her two daughters and the establishment’s alarm began to sound, so she returned so that the guard and the cashier of the place reviewed it. Finding nothing suspicious they allowed him to withdraw, but almost immediately a Security caught up with her and asked her to check her backpack.

“She told him no, that they had already checked her things and that they had no right to bother her, the security man insulted her and told her she was a fucking thief and to open her backpack or speak to the police“, said her friend in the post.

But the woman’s anger grew as discover they scratched the ticket and put “THEFT” big time, even though she I had paid for the two garments.

Next, Toshio stressed that these types of practices are common for this brand: “They don’t have a bit of criteria to have staff, They discriminated against my friend for not being ‘groomed’, they harassed her no matter that she was with her daughters, no matter what he brought his two tickets and the things he paid coincided, I do not understand why the abuse“.

Complaints of discrimination in Mexico

A bad shopping experience can hurt a particular brand, butor when this type of practice becomes habitual it shows a serious problem. Something that the famous actor usually dunun Tenoch Huerta, through social networks, to promote a anti-discrimination agenda.

The artist assured that there is less and less to the end of the year, where stigmatizes dark-skinned people in shopping malls, unleashing a strong social conversation due to the opinions generated by their publications.

According to a study carried out by Ipsos, which analyzed what was the expectation of the consumer before the brands regarding the position they expected of them against the racism in Mexico, it revealed alarming data.

Most of them said they expect empathy towards people who suffer discrimination, while 35 percent asked them to make statements against these practices, while 36 percent of consumers surveyed said expect greater participation in educational campaigns against systematic racism.

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