He left the streets of Lugo, his young son received a warrant

To Lugo Local Police Detention of minors under 17, or conditional arrestthe agents encountered Abandoned Nuharua Give the city.

Second, city personnel were informed by communication that at 8:40 a.m. Friday, they received a call from room 092 about A young man is lying on the road surrounded by several suitcases.

Immediately forward directions to the location from the Neighborhood Police Precinct, who will contact you as an attendant, or confirm that you are a minor under the age of 17.

The young man said he was After being separated from súa nai, sleeps in rúa with his irmán xemelgoso that they slept the day before, but they wake up just sleeping.

After going through various procedures, agents managed to locate the minor by phone, he said He met a trip, but something will happen soon to pick him up.

After several hours of waiting, during which city staff housed and fed the minor, and after several contacts with his seniors (who procrastinated recalling time), the staff decided to initiate proceedings to pursue Responsibility of Minors. Suspected of abandoning minors.

During the investigation, the police confirmed that the arrest application from the Leon Public Prosecutor’s Office appeared in his name, for which they continued regardless of the previous proceedings detain minors Rods provided to claim authorities.

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