He masturbates in front of a woman with her daughter and then threatens her with death

He masturbated in front of a mother and her 12-year-old daughter and then attacked an adult. The Carabinieri reported a 47-year-old

The mother and her daughter were sitting at the bar table eating ice cream when the man sitting in front of them first began to masturbate, and then, to the reproach of the woman, even attacked her.

Gestures in front of a woman with her daughter

A few nights ago, around 10:00 pm, in Brianza, a 43-year-old mother and her 12-year-old daughter were about to eat ice cream at a table in a bar in the city center when a man sitting in front of them began to touch his genitals, staring at them insistently. and then take them out and start masturbating.

The mother, also worried about her daughter, got up and approached the man, ordering him to immediately stop it and come to his senses. In response, the latter, obviously drunk, insulted and verbally abused the woman, and then threatened her, saying: “I will kill you, you do not know this, but I am Moroccan, I will kill you.”
Then, when the bar owner and other people approached him, he stood up and pulled on his pants.

The carabinieri, meanwhile alerted and immediately arrived at the scene, blocked the man and took him to the barracks for identification, after which the 47-year-old Moroccan was declared to the judicial authority for obscene acts committed at the crime scene. open to the public, aggravated by the presence of minors and the threat of crime.

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