He mistreats his wife, but the prosecutor demands an excuse: “She knew it was a cultural fact.” Woman: “Treating her like a slave”

THAT mistreatment V family they should not be condemned because it is “cultural fact“that the victim had”even initially accepted”. This is A’s motivation. world judge from Brescia prosecutor’s office who asked for remission of sins to a man originally from Bangladesh his wife (a compatriot) reported the alleged ill-treatment, escalating the matter to cultural crimes punishable in Italy but tolerated in the country of origin. The story is told Brescia newspaper which reports what the prosecutor wrote in the motion to acquit the accused. According to the prosecutor, such behavior, defined as “actions that infringe upon moral and material freedoms,” would be “the result of a cultural system, and not of his conscience and desire to destroy and humiliate his wife.”

The request for acquittal was included in the findings submitted to the parties in light of the final act of the trial, which is expected to be decided in the coming weeks. The alleged ill-treatment, according to the magistrate, falls under the category of crimes of a cultural nature, which should therefore not be punished, “given that the inequality between a man and a woman is the result of his culture, which the same injured party even initially accepted.” . The 27-year-old woman, originally from Bangladesh but with Italian citizenship, is the mother of two daughters.. She was at home forced to marry his cousin in a marriage of convenience. Then in 2019, a separation and a complaint of physical and psychological abuse. In the past, the Brescia prosecutor’s office had already requested the termination of the proceedings, but this request was rejected by the investigating judge, who ordered a compulsory prosecution of the foreigner, born and raised in Bangladesh.

The 27-year-old is incredulous: “Culture of origin cannot be an excuse. I was treated like a slave. Where is the justice and much-needed protection for women who are encouraged to speak up at the first slap on the wrist?” In an interview with the Giornale di Brescia newspaper, the woman recalls the nightmare she experienced: “I was beaten and humiliated. Forced to undergo a complete annulment under the constant threat of being permanently deported to Bangladesh,” but confidently awaits the judge’s decision: “I cannot think or believe that in a country like Italy, anyone can be allowed to harm others with impunity just because that he loves a culture in which women have no importance and men can do anything to her, even end her life. Only as a matter of cultural obedience. This cannot happen in Italy.”

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