He pays 150,000 euros to lengthen his legs by 14 centimeters. But now he repents

One hundred and fifty thousand euros for a height of fourteen centimeters. It cost so muchleg stretch according to the German model Theresia Fisher, whose growth increased from 1.70 to 1.84 thanks to a delicate token lengthening operation. A practice as rare as it is complex and painful, which the 31-year-old decided to undertake in 2016 and is now litigating in Germany amid controversy and confessions.

choice and intervention

Theresia Fischer was 24 years old and already a husband when she decided to have a delicate leg lengthening operation to satisfy her husband’s wishes. Theresia had already made a career in the fashion world, but her partner Thomas Behrend convinced her to take the delicate path. procedure, claiming that it will make her more beautiful and special. So in 2016, the models broke bones and inserted implants. telescopic rods the upper part of the legs stretched eight centimeters in twelve months. In 2022, Thearesia completed the transformation by lengthening the lower part of the two limbs as well, “gaining” an additional five and a half centimeters in height.


However, becoming 1.84 centimeters tall in seven years was not easy. The German model faced many negative consequences due to the practice of leg extensions such as difficulty problems with coordination, decreased mobility, cramps and shooting pains. Excluding long periods of immobility and expenses incurred, about 140 thousand euros. All this was published and documented on social networks, where in March last year he published another result – the much coveted fourteen centimeters. “The year that changed my whole life wrote the supermodel on Instagram and continued: “By now, I am back in great shape, able to do everything (sports, etc.) and now I finally feel good in my body again.“.


Fischer had a hard time on social media criticized her choice was deemed risky due to the type of surgery and set a bad example for the young girls who followed her. “Don’t imitate me“, the model put her hands forward, but this did not save her from harsh criticism. The medical practice of lengthening the legs is very painful and risky and is recommended only in extreme cases. At this moment, Theresia Fischer, known in Germany for participating in a reality show German Next Top Model Along with Heidi Klum, she admitted that she regrets doing it and feels “obliged” to have the surgery.

Confession: “I did it for him”

31-year-old girl said that she was victim about a toxic relationship with an ex-husband. “It was definitely a mistake.” Thearesia recently said, confessing: “I’ve been lying for years. It didn’t help me in the end, but I wanted to please this person. He often said to me: “If you do this, you will stand out even more.” I love tall and thin women, you will be special.” I didn’t even know you could stretch your legs.”. Despite everything, the German model feels good in her new body and is now in a new relationship with a dentist from Freiburg.

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