“He played like in the street”

Thierry henry and Juan roman riquelme They share much more than their recent past as professional footballers. The former French striker and the last 10 Argentine left a mark on each club where they played and continue to be remembered for their remarkable technical qualities and, above all, their winning spirit, something that Henry was incorporating over the years thanks to his friendship with David trezeguet and to see in action players of Roman’s style and personality.

Riquelme and Henry met twice.

Riquelme and Henry met twice.

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This is how Tití himself told it in an extensive interview with Todo Pasa, the program of Matías Martin in Urbana Play (FM 104.3), in which he also referred to the Maradona phenomenon and what Diego’s life and death meant. “Argentines have that desire to win, to put on their shirts and play. We can put Riquelme on that list, who some consider the best in Boca because He played like on the street: with blood, with or without cameras, he played with his heart and it shows a lot in Argentine playersHenry explained.

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Marmoset, glory of Arsenal and world champion with the French national team, said he learned a lot from his friend David trezeguet, whom he had as a partner in the Monaco and in the French team, and through King David he began to internalize and become an admirer of Argentine football, of Riquelme and of Maradona.

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“The new generations have other motivations with social networks, sponsors and those things. What Maradona represented was the people on the street, because those people saw themselves reflected in him. I once saw a homeless (tramp) who claimed to be there to see Maradona’s drawer because it was the only thing he had. That’s when I realized that it goes over football. People felt him as their own and that’s why I have so much respect for him, ”Henry explained.

Where do Henry and Riquelme know each other from?

Roman and Henry, in the semi of the Champions 2005/2006 (EFE).

Roman and Henry, in the semi of the Champions 2005/2006 (EFE).

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Henry and Riquelme maintain a relationship of mutual affection despite having only faced each other twice. The first was in 2006, in the semifinal of the Champions League between Villarreal of Spain and Arsenal of England. Both Tití and Román played the first leg and the return as starters but failed to score goals. Riquelme, in fact, squandered a penalty at 46 ‘of the second half of the decisive match, which would have led to the Yellow Submarine of the Pellegrini Engineer to force a definition by penalties.

Hug between Riquelme and Henry in the corridors of the Emirates Stadium.  (Boca Press).

Hug between Riquelme and Henry in the corridors of the Emirates Stadium. (Boca Press).

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What was the other one? On July 30, 2011, in a friendly between Boca and Arsenal in London that had Roman as a figure. Henry had returned to the Red Devils after passing through Barcelona and New York Red Bulls of the MLS and, although he did not play or occupy a place on the bench, he did take time to approach the stadium and greet Roman. The 10th, we said, was the great attraction of the afternoon. With two magic passes, he served the goals to Lucas viatri and Pablo mouche and Baco tied it 2-2.

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