He scored a goal against his former team, apologized and yelled it in the face of DT

In a match in England’s Football League One, equivalent to the country’s Third Division, there were moments of tension, happiness and an unexpected ending. A script worthy of a great movie of revenge and revenge, whose main protagonist was the good Chris Maguire, that fulfilled a fundamental role.

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It turns out that the man in our story currently plays for him. Lincoln City and the calendar indicated that he had to face Sunderland, his former team, a situation that was quite uncomfortable for him because he had come to appreciate that team. A more than special match.

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However, the forward had a pending account with Lee Johnson, his former coach on that team. It is seen that things had not ended well enough between the two and that for Maguire there were some issues that were left without talking. So he decided to take out the fight in a particular way.

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How? When he scored 1-0 for his team, he immediately apologized to the fans of the Sunderland, but then he sprinted to the local substitute bench, where Johnson was, and yelled the goal in his face. Thus, uncontrolled.

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The story, a kind of Count of Monte Cristo in which the protagonist waits for the moment to execute his revenge, could not have ended better for Maguire. He converted a hat – trick and Lincoln beat his rival 3-1. In case something was missing, his former coach ended up being expelled …

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