He texted his deceased sister’s old phone and received a ruthless reply

From the death of his sister, two years ago, Faith sidman, a woman from Oregon, United States, tried to alleviate her loss by texting her old phone number. Logically, it was a monologue and he never received an answer, until one day a nasty surprise stunned her.

I think about you a lot today. Love you”Wrote the young woman identified with the user @ faithsidman1 in TikTok, where he told what happened. In the video he shared, which has already exceeded 1.7 million views, he explained that every so often, when he felt the need to get closer to his sister, he would engage in a virtual dialogue with his old cell phone number. Yet from one moment to the next he had to end that habit by a ruthless response that came to him in the midst of his pain.

You got the wrong number”They told him from the other end of the phone when they saw his chat. According to Faith, since the death of her relative I was texting him to tell her about her life and how much she missed her. However, two years after taking the line down, the phone company assigned it to someone else, who did not take Faith’s practice well.

Sorry. My sister passed away two years ago and I still text her every so often. I thought the number was out of order. I will not send any more SMS, “he replied to the contact he had scheduled with the name of” Sissy “, along with a heart. On the other side they responded with a cruel and blunt request. This number belonged to a business. Please stop texting”They warned him.

This week, the young woman shared a post narrating the episode and said that “at least he could see his name on his cell phone for the last time before deleting it. In addition, in an interview he gave to the medium Daily dot, He maintained that that reaction “was really strong to see.” “I had a hard time accepting that she’s gone, but it was a nice relief to be able to text her number like she’s still here. After receiving that SMS, it only made his absence feel even more real, and that this person was completely unfriendly didn’t help.”He added.

The young woman shared her painful experience on TikTok
The young woman shared her painful experience on TikTokTikTok

After his followers learned of his bad experience, they asked him to reveal the business name and phone number. Something to which he flatly refused, because for Faith the line is still that of her sister.

The conversation he had with the new owner of his sister's line outraged his followers
The conversation he had with the new owner of his sister’s line outraged his followersTikTok

One of the solutions they suggested was that will ask the merchant to block it and thus be able to continue sending texts without problem. “I kept texting their number when you need it”, “The worst thing is that you told them that you thought the number was out of order and not working, and yet they felt the need to be rude”, “It would be a shame if their number is exposed ‘accidentally’ “,” What I thought was the emotion you felt when you saw that ‘she’ answered the text message “, were some of the comments he received on social networks.

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