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In social networks, various experiences often come to light that are reported by the users themselves. There are situations that are unusual and go viral quickly. In this opportunity, A young man said that he was enjoying a vacation with his girlfriend and wanted to have an unforgettable night by taking her to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, the famous British chef, but he misread the menu and when he saw the ticket he was surprised.

The protagonist of this unusual event is Jeffrey Paige, who was vacationing for a few days with his partner in Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. The young man wanted to treat his girlfriend with a dinner that they can remember for a long time.

That is why he decided to invite her to eat at the luxurious restaurant Gordon Ramsay Steak, which is located at the Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City Hotel and Casino. This establishment is one of those owned by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for having been a judge in various culinary competitions in Great Britain and for hosting popular cooking shows and reality shows.

The customer was totally delighted with the variety of dishes on the menu, but above all he was fascinated with the Kobe Wagyu A5 Japanese Beef Steak, considered one of the best meats in the world. That is why he did not hesitate to ask for it. “They had a real Japanese A5 on the menu, and it was cheaper than American Wagyu! “The diner said in surprise in his publication on the Reddit site.

The subject spared no expense and, in addition to the steak, He ordered side dishes, appetizers, and his girlfriend ordered Chef Ramsay’s famous Beef Wellington. When the food came to the table and he began to taste the Kobe, he was delighted with the taste of that meat.

“It was an incredible meal and we are excited to be able to support the restaurant and its staff during these difficult times. The steak was amazing. I am 40 years old and I only ate Wagyu twice in my life. He had never had a real Kobe. It wasn’t like anything you’ve ever eaten. Melts in your mouthassured the young man.

However, when they gave him the ticket with what he had to pay, he realized that he had made a mistake by not having read the menu carefully. That detail ended up giving the charisism.

The customer got confused with the price of a plate and ended up paying an exorbitant price (Reddit image).

Apparently the diner thought his plate was $ 35, for 4 ounces (113 grams). As soon as he saw that, he thought the price was unbeatable. At that time he assured that he thought: “I’m a big guy, I’m hungry so I ordered 12 ounces (340 grams) of Kobe”. That taste that he wanted to give ended up costing him neither more nor less than US $ 420.

I had to reread the menu when the bill came, because for two people, it was over $ 600! the Japanese A5 cost US $ 35 per ounce, with a minimum purchase size of 4 ounces, not US $ 35 for 4 ounces, “he said indignantly.

Finally, despite the bad drink of having to pay that exorbitant price, he and his partner took it with humor and joked with a characteristic phrase of the famous chef Ramsay: “I wish Chef Ramsay was there to come out and call me an idiot for this”, he sentenced.

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