She tweeted and deleted it! Becky G was going to record with a famous singer, but their differences were more


As you know, during this weekend we celebrated mother’s day in several countries such as Venezuela, Mexico, the united States and others. And because of that, many celebrities gave their displays of affection via social networks, such as Becky G.

It took a time to write a huge dedication, and it is that the californian that is seemingly away from his mother, he expressed it with his whole being and said, “Thank you for being you. Since my siblings and I were brought to this world, you have supported and done everything within its power to help us and guide us to be the best we can be.”

In addition, the famous singer shared a few snapshots where one can see the resemblance of both and acknowledged that his mother, for her and her brothers, is one of the greatest blessings in all of their lives and said: “A big part of why we are who we are it is thanks to you. For me personally, I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being my mother first before anything else”.

As we know, the life of the judge of The voice Argentinait is very difficult in its inception that their parents had very young and faced a financial situation very serious, that led to live for a long time in the garage of his grandparents ‘ house, so that it is easy to understand that Becky is feeling so fortunate and grateful for his mother.

In their extensive dedication, the actress he also noted that his parents taught him to fight for their dreams without expecting anything in return and gave him the peace of mind of knowing that always, no matter what happens there will be a family who will wait and accompany you.

On the other hand, celebrity this week he drew attention to the getting out of an important project that created expectations among their fans, it is a song in collaboration with Omar Montes. She seems to have repented and decided to refuse because the artist is not in harmony with the ideals of Becky G.

The singer Without Pajamas tweeted that but then decided to delete it. Their fans detected that the artist has connotations of machismo expressed in gestures and reactions but what is striking is that now refuses when before he collaborated with artists like Farruko, which held a sentence making reference to the violence lived by Rihanna or other artists just as sexists. Do you envision a change?