he unfolds his butt in micro bikini !


Astrid Nelsia had to the canvas ! The young woman has posted a photo of their buttocks shaped in a micro-bikini. MCE TV will show you the photo !

Astrid Nelsia increases the temperature ! The young woman has just reveal a new camera, more as a suggestivehis buttocks shaped in a small bikini on his account Instagram. Discover the photo without further ADO !


At least you can say is that Astrid is Nelsia cold in the eyes. The young woman comes to in fact publish a new recording with the provocative he is, on his account Instagram. Position back, the pretty brunette, dressed in a micro bikini, red, proud of his dream figure. And in spite of their incredible hair, Astrid Nelsia has to his physical strengths : his butt !

In fact, swimsuit, Astrid Nelsia not a lot of stretches in this anatomical part of his body. A detail, but was not in the air to disturb the young woman. On the contrary, relaxed on the beach, this last attitude is downright with what seems to be a buoy in the form of pizza. All commented on the photo on the following legend :” Who wants a piece of the pizza ?“. Sexy !

Astrid Nelsia and his bikini-will not leave anyone indifferent

It is not the first time thatAstrid Nelsia appears in a sexy outfit on the social networks. Recently, the young woman was also a victim of bad buzz was. Out of the question ? A photo of her and a recording from the airport in an outfit very easily. If the haters had to criticise pleasure, the pretty brunette. Today the photo seemed to.

For the detection of a candidate is the reality tv show Bervely Bello, and since the promotion of his girlfriend a :” Bomb bomb !!!“. Later on his fans, was then, in turn, comment on her outfit. “I don’t know where to head“,” Wow pretty Astrid “ or even” My God, if I were a man, I marry you want to “a-t-so you could read, comment on the post.