he unfolds his memories from Martinique !


Agathe Auproux just great shots of her in Martinique… And in a bikini ! His photos are from July of 2019 !

Hot in front of ! Agathe Auproux comes, the (re)reveal a little too much on Instagram ! In fact, the young woman has shared old photos of his trip to Martinique… MCE TV tells you more !

Last summer, Agathe Auproux had the good fortune to spend your holidays far away from the grey of Paris. In fact, the former columnist of the TPMP of the trip were in Martinique ! A stay that you enjoyed. Of this, six months later, the beautiful brunette now looks to be back here !

For the occasion, to revive the young influeuceuse wished, again, the Internet users moments of his journey on the island ! So, Agatha has been released, have a lot of pictures of her in a bikini in his story… To the delight of the eyes of his community… We leave you, therefore, you admire their plastic-perfect below !

Agathe Auproux in a bikini - it shows his memories of Martinique 27122019-

Agathe Auproux : the visitors in the spell

To definitely recommend the Instagram of Agathe Auproux continue to talk… This time, it is not a picture of his feed, it is… But it is a cliché, on account of his Instagram ! In fact, Agathe Auproux comes from us pamper you with multiple photos of your summer of 2019 in Martinique… Jet-ski, water, turquoise, swimwear… Everything ! And the beautiful brunette is preparing, you can experience your moments of happiness, in the middle of the winter. In fact, the young woman who is preparing to return to the island ! In fact, about his story, Agatha writes : “I am currently in my things for Martinique, ready to go. Suitcase, very little loaded. “

To control in July of last year, the were images been called in question, the cropping on your feed and had lots of positive comments. Among them : “Too beautiful, Agathe Auproux “, or “you really have an incredible body” ! You could read that on the social network ! The next few months so you can stay Caliente ! So, keep to discover an eye on his account Instagram: the lovely brunette is beautiful like you never have in a bikini !