He visits her at night

Rumors of flirting between Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are growing day by day. According to the Argentine tabloid, the two are allegedly together in Spain, on vacation, on the island: “He goes to her at night, they saw each other three times in the last week.”

The indiscretions have been chasing each other for months over new personal lives Shakira after separation from Gerard Piqué. The famous Colombian singer is back in the center of gossip for allegedly flirting with Lewis Hamilton. They were close during a party after the 2023 Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone in mid-July, but gossips thought they were just friends. Now, new rumors are coming out of Spain: the two met several times in the strictest confidence, and being single, they gave themselves time to be together, away from the prying eyes of fans and paparazzi.

Gossip about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton

Shakira and Lewis Hamilton are reportedly dating. We read on infobae.com that the two recently met in one of the most exclusive places in Spain: an island located in the Mediterranean that, together with Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and other small islands, constitutes an archipelago and a community. Autonomous Balearic Islands. It is there that the singer spends her summer holidays: “Hamilton came to the villa three times at night to meet her. He was seen entering her house.” it is read. The two will live in a secret relationship, the Argentine tabloid confirms: “One of Hamilton’s chauffeurs overhears him talking to Shakira on a regular basis during his travels.”

First meeting at the F1 Grand Prix

The first meeting between them was to take place during the Miami F1 Grand Prix on the occasion of the invitation of the singer from the Mercedes team. They were later spotted at a party together with mutual friends before photos of them together on a yacht were released. The Colombian star, whose full name is Shakira Isabelle Mebarak Ripoll, then attended the Spanish Grand Prix before having dinner with Hamilton again. All the evidence and reports that leave no room for too many doubts. After Pique, the singer left and is now enjoying a new life.

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