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The love idyll between them would have ended by now Lewis Hamilton and Shakira, who at the beginning of August (even if neither of them confirmed) would have gone on vacation to Ibiza together. According to what he claims Nino ProdiggioDominican psychic, the choice to go separate ways would be due to the fact that multiple British champion would like a child: “To be honest, this man wants to become a father – the words of an astrologer to the magazine People “I don’t know if Shakira is involved. There is something beautiful between them, like friendship, but I don’t see much in the future.”.

Then the psychic studied his stars according to the signs of the zodiac. Shakira from Aquarius, Hamilton from Capricorn: “She said that a man enters her life and also that it is somehow connected with sports. I am air and earth, I see luck. If these two people join forces in business, they will succeed.”. But the fact is that by now, from a sentimental point of view, everything seems to be over between them. However, Hamilton and Shakira, who first appeared together in mid-July on the occasion of a Silverstone Grand Prix party and subsequently posed for dinner together at restaurants in Miami and Barcelona (as well as with other friends), appeared to be determined to do something. do. on serious. All this could be a new moment of happiness for the Colombian singer after what happened in 2022 with now former partner (and father of her two children) Gerard Piqué.

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