He was dead for five minutes: “I want to play the World Cup”

On June 12, 2021 the world was paralyzed for a few minutes when the dans Christian eriksen He collapsed on the field of the match that Denmark was playing against Finland for Euro 2020. It was at 43 minutes and we all believed the worst, but thanks to a great emergency work from the medical team, the player who emerged from Odense today is here to tell the tale. .

And that’s exactly where he is: Eriksen, already disengaged from Inter of Italy, who couldn’t make him play, gave an interview in his country for the media DR and spoke of that experience.

“My goal is to go to the World Cup in Qatar” was one of the first statements by Eriksen, who is strong. When asked why he wants to continue, he replies: “I think it is the love of playing football.” “Can I see myself without football when I know the doctors say I’m okay? Then nothing inside me tells me I don’t have to play.”

Eriksen remarked that she is not afraid of having another collapse: “No way, not even remotely. At first I was careful thinking about how much my heart could hold after what happened. But now I feel like I was tested as much as possible as well. no, I have no fear that it might happen again. “

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