He was fishing in the river and boats with River players began to pass

River’s preseason takes place in full in San Martín de Los Andes. It is the most demanding part of the preparation to face three competitions. But in the Neuquén mountain range not everything is sacrifice and demand, there is also time for fun and laughter.

This Thursday the team had the morning off and Marcelo Gallardo and his coaching staff organized a recreational outing to Junín de Los Andes. All the players and the staff that accompanies the team went rafting.

The club shared photos in which the team is seen with safety clothing, vests and helmets, but they also went viral videos published by tourists who, while enjoying nature, saw the millionaire delegation pass by in the boats.

Twitter user @vivoencharlone shared a video showing that while fishing in the river, the boats with the players began to pass. Many of them waved to the people watching them from the shore.

Also, another very funny moment of the excursion could be seen, when all the soccer players laughed while the current dragged them. And finally, after finishing the recreational activity, they got together to take a picture and a tribune song arose.

river san martin

Courtesy: Club River Plate

De la Cruz arrived

Uruguayan midfielder Nicolás de la Cruz tested negative which took place this Thursday in Montevideo and was added today to the preseason that the team is doing in San Martín until January 18.

In this way, only goalkeeper Franco Petroli remains isolated, who tested positive for coronavirus on the weekend when he returned to work and only next week will he be able to train alongside the group, already at the Ezeiza property.

Likewise, De la Cruz will work differently the first days after the evaluations made by the medical staff, since he comes from being inactive since last October 17 when he played with San Lorenzo and suffered a venous thrombosis in his left foot that took him away from the fields and from demanding training.

The Uruguayan will move with special tasks along with Matías Suárez and Felipe Peña, who are recovering from knee surgeries and for a while will not be available to DT Marcelo Gallardo,

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