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In the social networks different circulate videos that are unusual. In fact, there are users who say that if it was not recorded, they would not believe it. This time, a man married, but was detained by the police at the end of the marriage ceremony because he did not pay his ex-partner’s child support for several months.

The event took place in the town of The Guabo, province of El Oro, Ecuador. There a couple was getting married in a church and everything was happiness for both of them. However, the celebration ended up ruined by the action of the police.

This was because the agents had an arrest warrant against the subject. According to the authorities, the ex-wife of the boyfriend filed a complaint where he stated that the individual stopped paying the child support for several months and after not receiving a satisfactory response from him, she chose to report him.

The arrest was carried out by the Ecuadorian National Police once the marriage ceremony was over. In fact, the officers waited for the subject to leave through the main door of the church to arrest him. Despite knowing that it was an important night for this couple.

In this context, the tension at the door of the church rose as the guests, including family and friends, did not allow the troops to take the arrested groom and they tried by force to prevent it from happening, something that led to riots in the vicinity of the religious temple.

In the video it is seen that while the groom was arrested and later put on the patrol by the police, the bride cried and screamed to be released. Even several guests tried to comfort her, while one of them tried to take care of her dress.

Also, in the clip, you can see how one of the women present struggles with several policemen and shouted “Don’t let it go up”, in a failed attempt not to arrest the groom. Nevertheless, the operation was successful and the police finally managed to transfer him to a police station.

As in most of these cases, the video of the groom’s arrest went viral on social media. Some of the comments he received were focused on the police action and it was criticized that he was arrested just that day. In return, other users approved the police action and pointed out that the laws must be complied with and if they are not obeyed, cases like this happen.

Finally, it is still unknown what was the outcome of this marriage in Ecuador that ended up being interrupted by the police. Some users made different theories about where the party was held, but everything about it is hypothetical.

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