He was in River and now he wants to play in Boca: the story of Batallini, the boy who was going to train with Riquelme

He is a right winger, he is 25 years old and belongs to Argentinos Juniors. He is an admirer of Roman and his life was linked to Xeneize since his birth.


Although he never played Mouth, the Damian Batallini story She was associated with the colors blue and yellow from birth. The 25-year-old right winger came into this world on June 24, like Juan Román Riquelme, and he was from Xeneize from that day by the logical influence of those around him. “We are all from Boca in the family”, he admitted a while ago.

Batalini Boca

He grew up in Don Torcuato, just like Román, and grew up looking at him as an idol. “I always admired him”, he told Clarín in 2019. Years later, when he was in the Argentinos youth team and on 10 he played in the Bicho First Division, football brought them together. “That he would pick me up at home to take me to training or we would get together to eat a barbecue… I couldn’t believe it”, assured Batallini, who came to concentrate with Riquelme, but could never share the field.

The story of Batallini in River and his departure for not feeling “comfortable”

Batallini’s football career began at Deportivo Armenio, a club located near Don Torcuato. After a while, He made the jump to neither more nor less than the Millionaire, where he spent six months, but failed to adapt. “I was a humble boy and I didn’t feel comfortable. I came from a place where there were no pussy and we put bottles. In River they gave me clothes, everything, but I didn’t like the weather”, he confessed.

Thus, the winger returned to Armenian, but shortly after He went to try out at Argentinos Juniors with his brother and stayed. Although at times the idea of ​​leaving everything crossed his mind due to the long trip he had to make every day, the support of his family sustained him and he stayed there to train as a professional player.

Batallini’s fanaticism for Boca: tweets against River and a post that reveals his desire to play at Xeneize

His name sounded in Boca back in October 2020 and it was there when several Xeneize fans began to investigate him on social networks. In the search they found old attacker tweets, in which he seems to make clear his status as a fan of the Ribera club with publications that ranged from “I’m sick of chickens”, until naming the Millionaire as “RiBer”, in reference to his time at B Nacional.

Tweet Batallini 2
Tweet Batallini

A few hours ago, Batallini, who is currently training at the Argentinos Juniors venue and is waiting for a new start after his loan at San Luis de México, gave a clear indication on social networks that he wants to go to Boca in this transfer market: He retweet a publication that reports that he is wanted by the Xeneize Football Council. Minutes later, the Bicho player deleted the retweet.

Tweet Batallini

The day that Batallini asked Riquelme to take him to Boca

On November 30, 2019, Juan Román Riquelme returned to La Bombonera after a long time. Already confirmed as a candidate for vice president, on the 10th he went to his box to watch the duel between Boca and Argentinos, for the 2019/2020 Super League. Hours before the meeting, Batallini gave Clarín a note, referring to the possibility that Román will reach the leadership of Xeneize and, as a joke, said that he was going to give him a gift to convince him to take him to the club of the Ribera.

“I would like him to be vice president of the club. Those of us who enjoy watching him play want the best for him. I’m going to give him a little wine to see if he’ll take me, ha ha…”, said the winger, who later showed off at La Bombonera with a fantastic cue assist for Santiago Silva.

The day that Batallini embittered Boca with a fantastic assist


The day that Batallini embittered Boca with a fantastic assist

What are the chances of Batallini reaching Boca?

The truth is that Xeneize’s intentions will be added to the player’s desire in the next few hours. The Football Council led by Juan Román Riquelme wanted him a little over a year ago and is now looking for an attacking midfielder on the right, so The negotiation will begin with the Bicho leaders for a one-year loan with a purchase option.

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