He was stealing cables and avoided arrest by biting a police officer

A 25-year-old managed to escape police after stealing 40 meters of cable in Bajada Grande. He wounded a uniformed man and fled.

A 25-year-old boy nicknamed child serious incident on tuesday afternoon big drop, in the state of ParanĂ¡.After stealing about 40 meters cable After being called, he bit a uniformed man and was protected by neighbors who threw stones at police, thus avoiding arrest.

On Tuesday afternoon, around 4pm, a cable theft occurred at Croacia Norte Street and Calle X in the Aceitero neighborhood.

A phone call reminded me 911when a police cell phone call came from the 11th police station in Bajada trying to arrest a young man who was preparing to steal a recently cut cable. The police acquaintance resisted the intervention of the uniformed police officer and bit his hand after attacking the officer in charge of the mobile phone. Some neighbors not far away began throwing rocks at the two police officers, who advanced with weapons loaded with riot bullets.

This is how they managed to recover the stolen cables as well as the knife used to cut them.

The man accused of the robbery, who has been identified, ran toward the ravine and jumped in, despite being told to stop by other police officers.

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Meanwhile, the 32-year-old police officer was scheduled to be transferred to Bajada Grande Hospital, but because he did not have tetanus and hepatitis B injections, he was transferred to the Sanitarium on Buenos Aires Street, where he Continue to treat the injury and make referrals. The left hand and several fingers were found injured.

Prosecutor Paola Farino took the case further, in which the perpetrators of the robbery and wounding of the police officer were identified as two other people, aged 23 and 19, who may have collaborated in the theft Designed to extract cables from the cable. copper..

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