He was welcomed like a rock star

cristiano ronaldo In Iran, his team is welcomed like rock stars Al Nasr They will face Persepolis in the first round of the AFC Champions League.

Upon arriving at the airport, Iranian authorities presented him with a Persian rug, one of the country’s cultural symbols; while his fans greeted him with cheers and cheers.

Fans were waiting at the airport to watch from the beginning cristiano ronaldo, he got into the truck and headed to the hotel. However, fans followed him without hesitation.

Thousands of fans flood Iran’s streets and airports to greet Cristiano Ronaldo

Fans chased the bus carrying the Portuguese, chanting and waving the players’ jerseys in the wind. His hotel was surrounded by hundreds of fans who came to the lobby chanting “Ronaldo, Ronaldo”.

Cristiano Ronaldo is preparing to make his debut in the Asian Champions League, with the Saudi club set to play on Iranian soil again after Riyadh and Tehran agreed in March to normalize diplomatic ties after a seven-year hiatus.

Let us remember that Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations with Tehran in 2016 following an attack on its diplomatic headquarters. Over the years, the Saudi and Iranian teams have played outside their respective countries.

Cristiano Ronaldo scores a great goal

Portugal scored a truly wonderful goal in a 3-1 victory over Portugal. nasser Last weekend at Al-Read. Additionally, he continued his incredible scoring streak.

The game has basically settled. The appearance of the 38-year-old forward further expanded the record, locked in an important victory, and strived not to fall behind in the standings and add another 3 points.

predecessor Manchester United and Real Madrid He receives the ball inside the right-hand box and threatens to deceive defenders with a first-class shot. He certainly did that as he continued in this position as he approached the center of the box and fired a devastating left-footed shot to make it 3-0 in the 78th minute.

CR7’s skillset is intact and these moves can often be seen confusing opponents, typical of his best days. His performance is also important to the team’s collective results.

This is actually a healthy habit ronaldo Convert with the Arab team. Even though he’s been through some pretty difficult droughts, he’s always found an opportunity to excel, as he’s proven throughout his career.

Together with this goal in the last game, he has scored 7 goals in the last 4 games, which reflects the great moment he is experiencing.

As if that wasn’t enough, he scored 21 goals in 21 games in the Saudi league.

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