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He went on tour! Kendall Jenner’s peculiar form of delivery

United States. – Kendall Jenner is sweeping away their tequila brand, and now the model has started selling her drinks in liquor stores in United States. To present this he decided to take a vintage van and paint it lime green, which is the color of the brand. In that van he made deliveries through some stores in his country.

In this car is the number to place orders, and in turn the brand has a kind of food truck. With the same they make sales and tastings of the different drinks that can be made with the products. In images shared on social media of the model she is seen unloading boxes from the picturesque means of transport in a beautiful green meadow.

He is currently in Texas, where your brand will start selling in stores. In the stories shared on the brand’s Instagram account, her sister Kim Kardashian can be seen wearing a cap with the name “818“. The van that bears the name of “Kenny’s truck” has toured the state touring shops and bars where they took pictures of their bottles.

Instagram: Kendall Jenner

Several fellow models have also helped publicize the new but award-winning brand of Kendall Jenner. Hailey Bieber is one of them, and in the YouTube video he recorded along with Jenner they were shown playing a game of taking shots with Kendall’s products, which were praised by Justin Bieber’s wife.

The brand is produced and packaged in Jalisco, Mexico and until a couple of weeks ago it could only be obtained online. It can now be found in liquor stores and some supermarkets; for now the only country where it is sold is in United States. But being such a popular drink among the Latino public will probably start selling them to these countries online.

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