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The life of Becca smith from one second to the next it took an unexpected turn. She is an athlete and passionate about the gym, she is 29 years old and lives in United Kingdom. One day, with knowledge of his body, he felt a pain in his back and assumed that the disc had slipped. So he went to the doctor and the picture was much darker than he thought.

He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The young woman received a bucket of cold water and not only had to assimilate carrying the disease, but also find out that she has two weeks to live. Although she was admitted to the hospital in an emergency last year after losing her eyesight for the second time, she had no signs of cancer. Therefore, a back pain could never be considered an alarm.

But over time the back pain and migraines began to recur. It was for this reason that he had to abandon his yoga studies in the city of Leeds, located in the county of Yorkshire, and strength training. When she got to the doctor to get a part of her health, they held her for five days for tests, MRIs, CT scans and even a back biopsy. At that time, he was unable to stand up on his own and required artificial respiration.

In dialogue with the New York Post portal, he declared: “I remember that two doctors approached me. The curtains closed, he felt a sensation in his stomach. I just knew that something was not right “. At one point, one of the doctors walked through the door of his room and gave him the tragic news: He had stage 4 lung cancer (it had spread from his lungs to his spine, brain, and skull).

“I remember calling my mom and telling her to come to the hospital. ‘It’s cancer,’ he yelled at him, “he said. “My dad fell to the ground, my mom screamed, I screamed. I remember saying to my mom: ‘Please don’t let me die’ “Becca added. After much care in a private clinic, she was transferred home with palliative care and, although the confinement began, “Friends and family traveled to be by my bed to say goodbye”, he narrated.

Despite being told she had two weeks to live, hope is the last thing to be lost. And as some say, God comes first and medicine second. Becca’s sister, Steph, 31, spent on herbal remedies in an attempt to improve her health as much as possible, including cannabis oils and healing juices.

Becca Smith was crowned the Cumbrian Classic Bikini Champion in 2015 and competed in the British final.

Also, Becca takes a drug called Alectinib that keeps her “stable” and prolongs her life. The US media detailed that the cancer has left his brain and skull, but a small amount remains inactive in the left lung and spine, and the tablets stop growing.

The athlete goes to the hospital every month for check-ups, and it is not precisely known what her prognosis is at present. For now, it is known that he has returned to work, to the gym, and says that “he feels healthier mentally and physically.” “I can’t live my life in fear”, he stated.

“I just feel like I’m on this new path; Instead of helping people in fitness, I hope to use my diagnosis to help people. I look at everything differently now. I don’t worry or stress about the things I used to do. “, he concluded.

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