“He went to the right girl” – Lo Spasio Bianco

Intervened on a podcast Happy Sad Confused, actress Emily Blunt she returned to the conversation about the role of the Black Widow, which she was supposed to play iron Man 2having words of praise for my colleague Scarlett Johanssonwho ended up getting the part.

Come on, it was the best girl. It was delicious.

Blunt then returned to talk about the various indiscretions and rumors that in past and subsequent years have seen her listed as a candidate for the roles of Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four, clearing things up once and for all.

Vote. chatter. That kind of stuff,” the actress emphasized, adding that she had never met the producers or directors of the films for which she was being quoted.

Blunt revealed in 2019 that she could not play the role of Natasha Romanoff due to contractual filming obligations. Gulliver’s travels With Jack Black in 2011, despite the fact that it was a film that he did not want to take part in.

It was like my heart broke because I’m so proud of the decisions I make and the films I make mean so much to me, so it was hard. They (Fox) had a certain amount of power over me. There were other films that I wanted to make.

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