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“He who makes it laughing pays him crying”: the viral dance of Victoria Federica and Omar Montes

The spontaneity and self-confidence that he has Omar montes makes no famous person resist him. The 33-year-old reggaeton is in Marbella and has surprised by publishing a video on social networks dancing with Victoria Federica and your partner, Jorge Bárcenas, to the rhythm of his new single Drink what you want me to do.

In the clip we can see Victoria Federica, somewhat embarrassing, following the choreography for TikTok led by Omar, situated between her and Jorge.

“He who makes her laughing pays him crying,” the singer writes in the publication, while in the image he has written a funny “holding candles like a king”.

This is not the first time that the granddaughter of the emeritus kings is encouraged to dance in a video with Omar Montes, with whom you have a good relationship.

Last month she and her boy already met with the artist on the occasion of his concert at the starlite festival from Marbella, and in the dressing rooms they improvised another dance for TikTok, specifically to the rhythm of bachata with Diablita Remix.

This new dance comes a few days after Victoria Federica was news for another less amusing reason. He was fined for parking his car wrongly just 20 minutes after his brother was punished, Froilan, for the same reason.

Carmen Lomana also signs up to dance with Omar Montes

A few hours before posting this video with Victoria Federica, Omar surprised with another viral dance … Along with Carmen Lomana! Accompanied by JC Diamante, co-author of Drink what you want me to do, Omar posed on the deck of a boat with the businesswoman in the middle, who did not hesitate to show that she is more than up to date in this type of dance.

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