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It looks like Rai for Stefano De Martino will feature a new host and former dancer. Let’s find out which program the host was hired for! Even bigger ones are coming satisfaction for Stefano De Martino. The former dancer, now an acclaimed presenter, was hired by Rai for another very famous program.

What is this program? Let’s find out which program Belen Rodriguez’s ex-husband was hired for by the national network!

New engagement of Rai for Stefano De Martino

In great demand during this period, Stefano De Martino is in a very blossoming phase of his career and can say that he is truly satisfied with the results he has achieved. And also instruct him Bar Stella and De Martino Live programsRai also decided to hire a Neapolitan presenter. also for the Il Collegio program.

De Martino himself posted this on social media with the phrase “2001 calling” and De Martino responded. This is a reference to what he will do in the program where he will play a specific role.

The former dancer’s rise continues and continues to this day. among Rai’s most respected and sought after speakers, who, it turns out, has a certain passion for him. Having long ago abandoned dance, a discipline in which he no longer recognized himself, De Martino plunged headlong into conducting and demonstrated that he could do it. Here you are what role will Il Collegio play in the program?.

Role of De Martino in Il Collegio

the role to be played by Stefano De Martino in college it will be the narrator. He was preceded in this role by several famous people, including presenter Giancarlo Magalli. The former dancer has been chosen to narrate the adventures of the boys from ‘College’ as they live in the new edition.

This year the documentary will be installed in structure located in Lodi. Instead of, 2001 is the reporting year as De Martino said in a caption posted on social media when he announced his participation in the cast of Il Collegio.

Another important news regarding documentary reality is return of Professor Petolicchio. Her sister will be with her, so new and interesting adventures await her.

When college comes back

So the host will be Stefano De Martino. new narrator of Il Collegio, now in its eighth edition. The program will return on the evening of Sunday, September 24, with De Martino taking the place of Nino Frassica.

Presenter on Instagram 2001 is already specified as the base year. in which the adventures of the boys who will participate in the filming of the documentary unfold. De Martino was 12 years old in 2001, so he would be able to construct a compelling narrative the way it is. in accordance with the events of the board.

Eighth edition location: Saint Francis Lodi, and in the last edition it was Convitto Nazionale Regina Margherita di Anagni. There will also be connections to the past, as evidenced by the return of the Petolicchio sisters.

De Martino he will also return in the next TV season with Bar Stella. late in the evening. The program will begin in October. Instead, a two-night theatrical performance, “The De Martino Show,” is scheduled for December.

RAI program - movietele.it
RAI program – movietele.it

Stefano’s personal life is in crisis

If on one side there is a conductor can be satisfied with the results achieved On a professional level, he cannot say the same about his personal life.

There Belem crisis which arose suddenly, but apparently began some time ago, brought to the fore crime news anchor nameso much so that it became the subject of even very unpleasant gossip.

Nevertheless, De Martino never responded directly, as did Belen, so that even today their situation remains to be clarified. Let’s see what happens between the couple!

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