“He will be remembered as a giant’: Hollywood bids farewell to Robert Evans


The Hollywood of today that today all we know is as well thanks to the work that they did years ago, people like Robert Evans, executive of Paramount pictures and producer of such films as ‘Chinatown’ or ‘The seed of the devil’, who died last Saturday at the age of 89.

Because of their loss, there have been many actors and producers from big studios who have wanted to to pay tribute and send messages of farewell to the famous producer in new york, according to Variety.

Robert Evans

The winner of a Golden Globe and ex-wife of Evans, Ali MacGraw, whom he met during the filming of ‘Love Story’, has wished to bid him farewell by remembering the great legacy that you leave on the north american industry: “Our son Joshua and I are going to take a lot less to Bob and we are very proud of their enormous contribution to the film industry. He will be remembered as a giant”.

That was his home for so many years, Paramount, which recently he again renamed his projection room for the executives dedicándosela Evans, issued an official statement to the news of his death: “Hollywood has lost one of its most influential and iconic (…) As an actor, producer and leader, has left an indelible mark in our study and in the world of cinema”.

Many other actors, writers and well-known characters, who either agreed with the new yorker at some time or the other, or simply admired his figure, they wanted to also join the cause and show their condolences, as it is the case of Larry Karaszewski (screenwriter of ‘American Crime Story’), Sasha Grey (‘Entourage (The entourage)’), Natasha Lyonne (‘Russian Doll’), or journalists such as Steve Kandell, or Mark Harris, author of ‘Pictures at a Revolution’:

“The stars of Paramount’s 1969 #RobertEvans”

“Rest in peace Robert Evans, produced some of the best films of the 70’s. Some of the best movies ever made. A man that took advantage of the storytelling. If you like movies of that decade you have to see your documentary ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’, if as you’ve never seen”.

“DEP for a legend #RobertEvans”

“It seems to Me a fair time to remember that Robert Evans reading ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ is the reason for the existence of audio books”.

“Countless secrets die with him. DEP”

“Fvck, I want it to be good”

In addition to the farewell messages and sympathies to the family, there are those who have been able to tell any story connected with this legend of cinema, as has been the case with the writer of ‘Chinatown’ Robert Towne: “We were in his living room, him on a sofa and I in the other. We had been working with Jerry Goldsmith, and some of the musicians in the film. We stayed with it all night and when they were already around four in the morning, I told him I was just waiting for that to come out all well, because the job was quite hard because we did not know how long we would have to do so. At that time, he said to me: “fvck, I want it to be”good”.