He will make plea to Denaf, Casa Hogal personnel over baby Karen Lopez’s death

Tegucigalpa Honduras – he public ministry will render a Require for this worker National Agency for Children, Youth and Families (Dinaf) and The Home of the Home “Nourishes the Home” for the death of the baby Karen Smith Lopez According to the spokesperson, on July 22 last year, Elvis Guzman.

“Information indicates that some of the responsibility may in fact lie with some Dinaf personnel as well as with the Nut Hogar house in Choloma,” Guzman reported.

Regarding the crimes that will be brought against Dinaf and Nuthogal, the spokesman revealed that it was due to negligence and failure to fulfill the duty to help.

He also reported that they are awaiting a report from the Technical Criminal Investigative Service (ATIC), where corresponding criminal proceedings will be filed against the little girl’s death.

“We are already awaiting the Atic report prepared by the prosecutor in charge of the investigation so that they can determine some of the corresponding actions to establish criminal proceedings,” the spokesman said.

Malnutrition-induced ‘systemic sepsis’ of one baby’s death, says director of Deneuve hospital

Director of Denaf, Lizzie Coello, Explaining that little Karen “entered Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital on April 12, was diagnosed with severe protein-caloric malnutrition and was therefore in a very difficult condition, and she was released but remains in a fragile condition.”

He added that the Dinaf staff “received the girl even in her fragile condition and took her to a private center that has been dedicated to receiving, treating and rehabilitating malnourished children for 20 years.”

Coelo, on the other hand, emphasized that the nursing room, cribs and other places where the children were located were within the permanent view of the staff, but were separated by transparent windows, which ruled out the possibility of sexual abuse. sex.

“Despite care, the girl developed severe pneumonia, was taken to the emergency room, and was again admitted to Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital on July 15 with sepsis,” the official said.

“According to what is documented in the file, it was due to systemic sepsis, which was the result of pneumonia, and malnutrition, which in turn was the result of malnutrition, which lowered the girl’s overall immune status,” Coello revealed. Take her to the intensive care unit.”

Denaf has had the baby since April, but because of her complicated malnutrition, the company sent her to Nutre Hogar, an allied institution dedicated to treating malnourished children, like Karen same situation.

However, according to the opinion of the forensic doctor, the possibility of minors being sexually abused has been ruled out, and the investigation of the Ministry of Public Affairs will now take another route, investigating possible negligence and abuse of power.

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