Head idea: red hair, 3 shades to try, inspired by the stars

From Barbie To ariel, Disney’s famous mermaid, it’s just a short step if the catwalk of the most popular hair color of the summer, respectively, blond And red refused in all their most intriguing nuances.

Indeed, in recent weeks, many famous women have succumbed to the mysterious, seductive and sometimes rare charm. Red hair, the color is predominantly fire, an expression of strength and energy. Although the nuances recently chosen by celebrities differ from each other, they are united by the fact that brightnesstogether with reflections that turn to light and gold leaving the depth and intensity of the darkest and enveloping shades for the coming winter.

So here are three red ideas inspired by the latest changes in the appearance of the most famous:


Among the most recent appearance changes we find Emily Ratajkowski. The model ditched the rich dark chocolate brown in favor of a hue reminiscent of the color. spicy a little cinnamon. Created by colorist Jenna Perry, it has an intense luminosity created by a combination of almost golden and copper reflections that reflect the light, creating movement and volume.


It’s not the first time Megan Fox he lets himself be seduced by red. The color that seems to be in her ropes, and which has been decorating her long, even very long, flowing hair for a couple of months now. In particular, he chose the intriguing copper tone whose reddish reflections enliven the length, giving the face a radiance.


Florence Pugh perhaps one of the most chameleon-like souls in the star system. It quickly went from bangs to bob and then to a very rough cut due to the sudden color change. Recently, from pink, it has turned into one tone. blorange, a mixture of golden, red and tangerine shades. A decidedly more vitamin declination of the classic red, but which puts it in the palette and in the ranks of red hair lovers. (Or at least until the next color change).

Below is a selection of red ideas from celebrities and beauty salons.

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