Head idea: three bob hairstyles

Who said that buns, ponytails, braids or half hairstyles are the exclusive prerogative of Rapunzel’s hairstyle? Even beloved Bob, a medium length haircut par excellence, is suitable for creating a wide variety of hairstyles.from the most elegant to the most casual.

Different solutions, but which still allow you to play with not so long lengths, and give the haircut a new look, avoiding styling only and exclusively for extra-smooth waves or styling. Especially this season, when high temperatures scare away the prospect of wearing loose hair, albeit short, shoulder-length.

So, here are three simple yet impressive hairstyle ideas for a celebrity.

Tiny sleek chignon Hailey Bieber

In a review of pictures posted on Instagram, where he shows the result of his make-up milk, Hailey Bieber takes the opportunity to show off a mini chignon pinned halfway up her neck. A practical, simple hairstyle with a sleek effect created by tight hair for a collected look. easy. Undoubtedly an elegant and at the same time everyday solution for bean like hers and also perfect for hot summer days.

Cate Blanchett’s mini ponytail on the side

Simple but chic. Casual yet sophisticated. Miniature side tail divine Kate, covered with a side parted, twisted lock of hair, is proof that even bobs can find new life beyond very sleek and twisty waves. Its plus? Well textured ends and length. The perfect solution for summer evenings.

Romantic Half Harvest Millie Alcock

Ribbons and bows will be the main characters of the next cold season. So all that’s left is to continue this sentence without the lining of the Australian actress. very soft semi-assembled, closed velvet bow for a hint of romance. The wavy texture with a natural effect of the rest of the length makes everything perfect for those summer evenings.

Below is an overview of other ideas.

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