Headspace, how far can you go with branded content on Netflix?

Headspace is an online platform specializing in meditation and mindfulness. Amidst the pandemic, it landed on Netflix with ad hoc content that won the hearts of viewers in various countries, leading to a steady increase in registrations on its site.

History of Headspace on Netflix is ​​a Case of very successful branded content, which shows how important it is to create quality content in this space, American online company offers mindfulness courses accessible via your smartphone. It was founded in 2010, but can be said to Its boom begins in 2021, the year it launched its first series on Netflix, To this day it continues to produce new series, reaping the fruits of its labor in the form of registrations on its site. American giants can generate a lot of interest in a product, even today, when, despite various changes, This has been reaffirmed with larger numbers reported in the July 2023 quarter,

Headspace’s branded content series on Netflix

Headspace’s first series, “The Guides to Headspace: Meditation”, was launched in 2021 during the pandemic period, with “The Guides to Headspace: Sleep” launching soon after. Already from the historic moment when the operation started, it seems to have been born under a lucky star. In fact, Mental health treatment is one such topic which is being discussed a lot during the lockdownWhich has made the mind of many people tense.

Two years later we have confirmation of this success, with a phenomenon that is not new to Netflix, a symptom of the good health of a series or movie, re-watching. People use the product many times, not satisfied with one look, It’s all inspired by the nature of the series which, as the title suggests, is an actual guide.

In fact, the series They teach the basics of some of the “disciplines” of mindfulness, such as meditation or good sleep, with an audience during the activity., This prompts the user to watch episodes multiple times, recording significant numbers on Netflix, but at the same time, brings him closer to the world of Headspace.

Even today people appreciate the content created by brands. Morgan Seltzer, Headspace’s chief content officer, says the platform is still getting a big return from the branded content it creates on Netflix, In addition, they seem to have been able to create awareness, with positive feedback from many users who have learned something from their guides.

Headspace, the communication of mindfulness

The branded series resulted in a 70% increase in registrations on the Headspace app. The company’s communication is characterized by its ability to use unconventional means to make itself known., In fact, Content creation doesn’t want to stop at Netflix, but wants to expand to be present on major entertainment platforms, On YouTube, the series of guides continues, but shorter, adapted to the platform’s videos. He also runs a mindfulness-themed podcast and posts regularly on Instagram.

social networks and netflix became so a kind of “free” version of their offer to the consumer, Selzer herself says: “The idea is to whet people’s appetite by talking about the brand and teaching them mindfulness, which can be scary for many people, showing them that Headspace can really help them”.

Partnership is also a fundamental tool of headspace communication. Examples are Kevin Hart, John Legend, and Sesame Street. The one with Sesame Street, which coincided with content on the children’s program Channel, has been viewed over 43 million times over time. Note how the brand always reaches out to new consumers through channels that are not its own, where it posts content to engage the audience,

Then the partnerships continue in the world of sports, especially with football. To attract the attention of the European public, he has signed a partnership with Manchester City player Raheem Sterling. Headspace shows the boy from a perspective perhaps unknown to many fans, the focus and mindfulness that accompanies him in life and in competitive performance, In addition to being a perfect testimonial, Sterling has also collaborated with some of the company’s teachers to create the content within the app.

Headspace is also open to collaborating with other brands, as it did with Starbucks in 2021. A partnership dedicated to personal care and love for each other that has seen the merger of two giants in this field, By consuming Starbucks products, you gained access to a two-month trial on the app, which teaches the importance of breaks, of which the American chain is queen. The campaign is called “Mindful Moments” and includes access to 5 free materials on mindfulness from inside the bar. Selzer sees genius in this collaboration, as the two brands have vastly different audiences,

Netflix’s Transformation Quarterly

Meanwhile, in the last three months, Netflix has made two big changes, which are much talked about. The first is the introduction of a new, low-cost subscription plan that includes advertisements. The second, most recent, measure has been taken against sharing account passwords with other non-paying users., For these reasons, the July 2023 quarter is very interesting, reporting positive data for the streaming giant and taking the pulse of the giant’s health.

Netflix revenue data 2018-2023.  Streaming platform of Headspace's branded series.
Credits: CineGuru Screenweek

Total subscribers are 238.2 million by July 2023, an increase of 5.9 million over the previous quarter, A figure above expectations, but given the new low-cost subscription plan, it can be misleading. In fact, the revenue generated is below the expectations of experts, equivalent to $8.2 billion,

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