Health damage from inhalation of smoke from fires or burning rubbish

Merida, Uquera, August 16, 2023. – Exposure to large amounts of fire smoke or frequent smoke inhalation from activities such as cooking with wood or burning trash can lead to chronic lung disease or bronchitis without immediate medical attention. Once symptoms appear.

Diana Ortiz Farías, a pulmonologist at the Respiratory Diseases Clinic at the Regional Hospital for Higher Specialties of the Yucatan Peninsula (HRAEPY), said the smoke contained particles known as particulate matter, the size of Varies, ranging from 2.5 to 10 microns in size.

“Given how small these particles are, a single human hair can hold as many as six thousand 2.5-micron particles. So, sometimes we’re exposed to a lot of particles, and what happens is, once the smoke gets in through the nose, We’d get itching, sneezing, stuff like that,” he said.

He mentioned that the particles go through the throat and cause more itching, which makes the patient want to cough, but this particulate matter continues up into the bronchi, which causes the bronchi to open and close, causing bronchitis, which in turn causes bronchitis. It causes more coughing, shortness of breath, and a tightness in the chest.

He noted that if symptoms have developed, patients must be evaluated by a pulmonologist so that treatment can be given, especially for those who regularly inhale smoke from cooking or burning garbage, which may eventually lead to worsening conditions. Cause chronic disease or loss of lung function.

He explained that when a person loses lung function, simple and basic activities like sweeping the floor or climbing stairs become more difficult because the sufferer starts to fidget, which will mean they can no longer perform these everyday activities, which affects Their lives. everyday activities and can reduce your quality of life.

Ortiz Farias recommends spirometry for people exposed to a lot of smoke, a study that assesses whether the bronchial tubes become inflamed from exposure to these particles and others we inhale every day, such as air pollution. Other diseases can be detected.

Advice before a fire

Pulmonary experts pointed out that if you are exposed to fire smoke close to our residence, it is recommended to close the windows of the house and put a wet rag under the door to prevent these particles from entering and inhaling. be inhaled. But if you are inhaled and develop symptoms, you should see your doctor for evaluation.

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