Health department doesn’t rule out taking more steps to fight Tarazona gastroenteritis outbreak

The number of gastroenteritis cases affecting Tarazona residents has not stopped growing, currently 444 people are affected, the majority of them in Tarazona, but, as reported by EL PERIÓDICO DE ARAGÓN, confirmed Pollution occurs in Quailes River The outbreak has led to the expansion of precautionary measures to other nearby towns such as Novaras, Torreras and Los Fayos, with neighboring communities such as Navarre and Castilla y León also put on alert.

And this new situation has also caused The country of origin is not in a Tarazona supply network facility.because that’s not where the Cryptosporidium microorganism that caused the outbreak is located.

Concerns are growing, so this Monday it will happen in Tarazona (there has been communication so far, but in Zaragoza) coordination meeting between all public administration agencies involved In terms of epidemic management. “The purpose of the meeting is to share information among everyone and to design and launch additional measures deemed necessary,” an Aragonese government source said.

The meeting will be held at 11:00 a.m. in the Town Hall of Tarazona and will be attended by the Minister of Health of the Government of Aragon, José Luis Bancalero Flores, the Mayor of Tarazona Antonio Jaray and the Director of the Public Affairs Bureau for Health, Nuria Gayán, Aragon Director of the Water Institute, Luis Estaún, Technical Advisor to the Directorate General of Food Quality and Safety of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Aragon, Enrique Novales, Federal Commissioner for Hydrology and Water of the Ebro, Carlos Arazzola and representatives of the National Guard.

Next, they will announce the steps they will take.

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