Health department finds 22 people have food poisoning at a wedding in Montoro


The link had a total of 181 guests, of whom only adults showed symptoms of gastroenteritis, one of whom received hospital treatment

Streets of the town of Montoro, Cordoba in recent images ABC

this Ministry of Health and Consumerism of the Andalusian Junta registered a possible food poisoning incident At the wedding in Montoro last weekend 22 affected Who provided the picture consistent with gastroenteritis.

The health department has confirmed to ABC that they are aware of the outbreak of poisoning announced yesterday. Tuesday, August 29. According to these sources, 22 people were affected, “with the following symptoms: diarrhea and abdominal pain most”.

The Andalusian junta is only aware that in one case, those affected went to a private hospital in Córdoba for treatment. treat the disease.The total number of people attending the wedding was 181, of which 14 are children (No one is currently affected).

At once Health Advisory “The Protection Agency has been notified to take appropriate action against the catering company.”

According to the relatives of both parties, as the “Journal of Cordoba” progressed, the wedding took place in Saturday 26 August in Montoro The food served by the contracted catering company was in “poor condition,” recalling “smelling bad smell, prawns were hot, meat cold” and other complaints that catering ended up working.

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