Health department relocates 30 team members to cities affected by bushfires

According to the person in charge of the National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Project, the Ministry of Health has sent 30 medical teams from the rapid response team to cities across the country affected by forest fires and heat sources to provide timely treatment for the people. , Milton Gonzalez.

Currently, five brigades have been transferred to Beni, three to Cochabamba and two to La Paz, he said.

“The health centers in the cities are supported by the Ministry of Health through the National Rapid Response Team, and we have about 30 people ready to respond if local capacity is exceeded,” Gonzalez told Bolivia’s Salud y Life. television.

Doctors mainly treat cases of conjunctivitis, tension headaches, low back pain and respiratory diseases.

Likewise, dehydration and burns experienced by firefighters battling fires are treated.

He urged people in these fire-prone areas to avoid chaquƩ, or burning, in the Chaco region, as weather conditions in these areas often lead to out-of-control fires at this time of year.

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