Health department to spend 445,000 euros on 25,000 children’s flu vaccines

Health department to buy 25,000 vaccines

healthy will buy 25,000 doses of childhood flu vaccineThe budget of €445,454 covers the need for seasonal influenza vaccination of children.

Intranasal vaccines will use Children 24 to 59 months old. In the Committee’s view, this is reasonable “because these users elicit a better immune response when administered nasally than when given parenterally, which is indicated for children 6 to 23 months of age, when administered directly to The main route of entry is when the pathogen enters the body.

Likewise, Salud added, the presentation intranasal vaccine It facilitates the use of vaccines and is more acceptable to professionals and parents.

The Ministry of Health has allocated a total of 34.257012 billion euros for the procurement of vaccines this year, equivalent to Increase Compared with 2022, an increase of 53.2%.

News from the Castile and Leon vaccination calendar

In addition, novelties in this year’s Castile and León vaccination calendar include People over 65 can get the shingles vaccinethis Male HPV Vaccine and vaccines Pediatric Influenza for Children 6 to 59 Months.

Cover photo courtesy of CDC on Unsplash

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