Health ministry reports situation of coronavirus in Mexico


On Friday night, representatives of the ministry of Health (SSafederal updated information coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae) in Mexico; insist on not leaving the house, in order to prevent further spread of the condition, and call again to not spread rumors or make light of some of the symptomsif it is that you will get to experience.

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19:06 José Luis Alomía Zegarra, director general of Epidemiology of the SSa, started the press conference by mentioning that in Mexico there are now a thousand 688 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae), in addition to 60 deaths.

19:14 The official explained the percentage of positivity of COVID-19: of every 10 persons with a respiratory infection, two are served by coronavirus: “the time can help us to identify at what time the disease starts to circulate more” by national territory.

Against discrimination

19:20 For her part, Monica Maccise Duayhe, official guest in this edition and holder of the National council To Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), reported on the reception of complaints related to acts of rejection, violence and discrimination against people diagnosed with COVID-19 and limited in their rights.

(19:22) There are people who, by possessing traits of asians, are afraid to go out on the streets because they are subject to discrimination, (but) are people who were born in Mexico, have lived in Mexico and very probably, in the majority of cases, never have been, in particular, in China. The Conapred attends all such cases”. Mónica Maccise Duayhe.

19:30 Mónica Maccise Duayhe took advantage of his intervention to explain that other sectors of society are the victims of discrimination in the context of the pandemic by coronavirus (Orthocoronavirinae):

  • Workers and domestic workers.
  • Employees of the bouquet restaurateur.
  • Workers, and sex workers.
  • Traders that develop activities, for example, in educational centers.

To finish, the official provided an effective system of complaints, because “it is enough that a person called to the phone” 55 5262 1490; if it is a federal entity other than the City of Mexico, 800 543 00 33, in addition, they can write to the mail [email protected]”.

The assistant secretary for Health

19:40 Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez, deputy secretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health (SSa), also called the citizenship to be in solidarity in this crisis COVID-19since the context of national and global “is like going on a boat at sea; we do not have the luxury of being able to believe that will save us in the individuality” and much less to find “disagreements”.

19:45 The officer of the SSa made another called the citizens:

I make a call to the patience. The good attitude, patience, solidarity, (is that) we will keep them together, and just so we can have a society that take the best advantage”.

19:50 López-Gatell Ramirez said, although “it is likely that first ended the epidemic,” the coronavirus “before there is a vaccine directly”, you should not stop to apply measures of prevention: “if there is a vaccine that may serve to protect us from the next occasion.” If people do not move, the virus does not move.

19:55 To finish, López-Gatell Ramírez he stressed that it is approaching the season vacation, but noted that “there will be no vacation”; he added that the season of Holy Week is suspended because, by general provision, the work activities in the sectors public, social and private, does not go on as usual for the contingency.

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