Health personnel continue to be prepared for timely detection and treatment of “hepatitis C”

Tijuana, August 25, 2023. – Personnel in the Tijuana Health Services Jurisdiction, through HIV/AIDS, STI and Hepatitis C Prevention ProgramReceive training to enhance performance and effective engagement in the prevention and elimination of hepatitis C, promote actionable strategies, and enable timely detection and Treat people with risk factors.

Yoloxóchilt Gómez Martínez, Director of Public Health, Institute of Public Health (ISESALUD) Baja California State Hospital, which started the project, reported an increase in the testing and treatment of patients from 2019 to date, making it possible to provide them with timely care.

Viral hepatitis is an infection that causes acute inflammation of the liver, with symptoms only appearing as the disease progresses, he added.

“Elimination plan Hepatitis C virus In Mexico, it is the only program of its kind in the Americas, and it is the most complete, because it covers everything from a rapid test that can be done on the street to a guaranteed cure for this infection,” he said.

All health centers in the territory Jurisdiction of Tijuana Health Services and General Hospitals of Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de RosaritoAs well as the Maternal and Children’s Hospital, there is a completely free rapid hepatitis C test.

It should be noted that the most common way to contract this disease is by inserting an object contaminated with the blood of a person infected with the virus, so it is strongly recommended to verify the health of a tattoo or piercing site before having one of these, as well as before having sex Use barrier methods of contraception.

José Abel Delgado Peraza, Superintendent of Health Services, Tijuana, as organizer of the staff training; Norma Alicia Olmedo Navarro, HIV/AIDS, Sexuality, Tijuana Spreading Infection and Hepatitis C Program Coordinator.

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