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Tijuana, British Columbia – Efforts to strengthen prevention, treatment and eradication Hepatitis C,as well as HIV AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)experts from Tijuana Health Services Jurisdiction A prevention program was implemented in the area.

The initiative aims to promote actionable strategies to achieve people-centred, inclusive and universal healthcare.

Norma Alicia Olmedo Navarro, Coordinator HIV/AIDS, STD and Hepatitis C programs, The importance of early detection and prevention as the basic pillars of controlling these diseases is emphasized.

Experts from the Tijuana Health Services Jurisdiction implemented a hepatitis C prevention program in the district.

quick test

The aim is to reduce the spread and impact of these infections through rapid testing and providing prompt treatment to those with risk factors.

Hepatitis C It’s a viral disease that affects the liver and symptoms usually don’t appear until late, making it especially dangerous.

It seeks to strengthen the international community’s fight against the disease.

However, Olmedo Navarro noted that effective treatments have the potential to cure the infection.

world hepatitis day

under such a circumstance world hepatitis dayEvery year since 2008, 28 July has been celebrated as a day to strengthen the international community’s fight against the disease. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of new infections by 90 percent and avoid the serious health consequences associated with viral hepatitis.

he HCV Elimination Program in Mexico It is considered the most complete in the Americas.

The plan covers all stages of the fight against the disease, from applying rapid tests (even in public places) to guaranteeing a cure for the infection.

Rapid testing is possible even in public places.Photo: Courtesy

Rapid tests in health centers and hospitals

this Health Centers in the Tijuana Health Services Jurisdiction and Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito General Hospitalslike him Women’s and Children’s Hospital, They offer rapid hepatitis C tests for free.

it is important to note The main route of transmission of hepatitis C is through contact with contaminated blood.

similar approach Sharing needles, getting tattooed or pierced in a non-sterile setting, and having unprotected sex Increased risk of contracting diseases. Therefore, the authorities are calling for awareness and prevention.

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