Health personnel trained to detect and treat ‘hepatitis C’

Health personnel trained in timely detection and treatment of hepatitis C

Tijuana, Baja California, August 27, 2023. – The goal is to strengthen effective action and participation in the prevention and elimination of hepatitis C through actionable strategies and enable value-based healthcare with a focus on inclusive and inclusive people Tijuana Health Services due to its universality Staff in the jurisdiction are trained through HIV/AIDS, STI and Hepatitis C prevention programs to review prevention actions and timely detection through rapid testing and treatment links to those with risk factors.

The public health director of ISESALUD in Baja California reported an increase in the testing and treatment of patients from 2019 to date, allowing them to provide timely care.

He mentioned that viral hepatitis is an infection that causes acute inflammation of the liver, with symptoms only appearing as the disease progresses.

He explained that Mexico’s plan to eliminate HCV is considered the most comprehensive in the Americas because it covers everything from a rapid test that can be done on the street to a guaranteed cure. disease. infection.

Health Centers in Tijuana, Tijuana General Hospital, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, and the Women’s and Children’s Hospital offer completely free rapid hepatitis C tests.

He noted that the most common way to contract the disease is by inserting an object contaminated with the blood of a person infected with the virus, and urged verification of the health of the tattoo or piercing site. One, and the use of barrier methods of contraception when having sex.

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