Health programs improve school performance

Health programs improve school performanceEP

People often ask themselves more than once how their environment affects the performance of the activity they are doing. Dihex Group has prepared a detailed report analyzing and recommending what is needed to improve certain aspects of daily life related to space and environmental hygiene, in which they are experts.

The Almendralejo-based company, which works with several companies in Extremadura, explained that only two percent of school budgets are allocated to cleaning and disinfection programs or programs in institutions and schools. “We know this improves student and teacher performance while reducing school and work absences,” they argue.

They lean on this idea when they talk about implementing an effective cleaning and disinfecting program as a smart decision to make an educational community thrive. They call it “the power of prevention.”

From the health sector perspective, prevention plays a key role in creating a “safe and healthy” environment. Dihex Group gives a common example, such as the gastroenteritis virus, which has the ability to spread at high speeds and can impact center attendance. Therefore, it affects individual and collective performance. “Investing in products and programs that go beyond cleaning to ensure classrooms, common areas and playgrounds are disinfected can significantly reduce the spread of disease and viruses.”

The group argued that “a clean and orderly environment improves the image of an educational institution, and space hygiene programs directly impact the center, not just for the benefit of students and staff.”

Such companies already regularly develop hygiene programs to demonstrate “commitment to students and colleagues,” and centers that typically use these programs have proven more attractive.

To implement such a program, they recommend not only using hygienic products but also implementing it through a safe and effective dosing system, which will save costs and in the long run, will help build a culture-based culture. Sustainability, which is acquired by the educational institution itself, promotes hygienic habits and a level of responsibility that the students themselves will become an intrinsic part of for the rest of their lives.

Dihex Group assures that the experience of implementing hygiene programs in educational centers led to the generation of this report, which is put into practice at the beginning of each academic year.

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