Health Reminder: These Are the Consequences of Taking Antibiotics Wrongly

To reduce resistance, they recommend avoiding the misuse of antibiotics and promoting responsible use (Getty)

Antibiotics are medicines used to prevent and treat infections. Bacterial infections. They are the most useful tools for treating diseases that would have killed people decades ago. However, its abuse is having disastrous consequences for public health.

Irresponsible use of these drugs, such as taking them without a doctor’s prescription or stopping them before the prescribed time, can lead to drug resistance. It is bacteria that develop resistance to antibiotics, not humans or animals.this means Bacteria develop resistance Fighting them is becoming increasingly complicated as they mutate and counteract the effects of the drugs used to fight them.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that “antibiotic resistance One of the greatest threats to global health, food security and development todayIn addition, they point to an increasing number of infectious causes that are difficult to treat due to ineffective drugs, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, sepsis, gonorrhea or foodborne illness.

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“Without urgent action, the world will move towards a post-antibiotic era Many common infections and minor injuries are again life threatening. “ warn. “If we continue to consume antibiotics at the current rate, Europe could be regressed to a pre-antibiotic era, when common bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, could have meant a death sentence,” they added in the National Antimicrobial Resistance Plan.

E. coli colonies. EFE/Julian Strattenshutter/Archive

Both organizations point out that even We stopped the escalation of the mutation just in time The use of these drugs follows a series of guidelines and recommendations:

Among the factors accelerating the progression of antibiotic resistance are not only the misuse of drugs, but alsoWeaknesses in infection prevention and control. They therefore urged measures to reduce the impact of the phenomenon and limit its spread.

To this end, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing hands frequently, cleaning food thoroughly, avoiding direct contact with sick people, and adhering to vaccination schedules on time.

Toilets must also adequately protect themselves from sick people to avoid contagion. As far as doctors are concerned, they said that it is necessary to carry out relevant cultures to determine whether the patient really has a bacterial infection, prescribe antibiotics when necessary, and guide the correct use and adhere to the corresponding taking time.

Farm workers can also contribute to the fight against antibiotic resistance. The national agency said they should vaccinate animals to reduce the need for antibiotics and devise alternatives for plant production. They must also take care that antibiotics given to animals are only intended to treat infectious diseases and are used under veterinary supervision.

When symptoms are similar to past illnesses, there may be a tendency to prescribe the same antibiotics. However, Only a doctor can determine whether a disease requires treatment Antibiotics are used, so they recommend seeing a doctor rather than self-medicating.

They also made sure that “antibiotics are usually not necessary to take antibiotics to fight minor bacterial infections such as sinusitis, sore throat, bronchitis or earaches,” as they explain that usually “the immune system is able to defeat such infections.”

Up to 80 percent of winter infections affecting the nose, ears, throat and lungs are caused by viruses, so taking antibiotics won’t cure them. “Most of the symptoms of winter sickness could be relieved with other over-the-counter medications,” they recall.

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